Our Summer Journey Begins! Asheville, NC & Kiawah Island

We left for our summer journey on Friday afternoon and headed to Asheville, NC for the night. The kids did relatively well considering two of them were diagnosed with strep throat two days before we left.😑

The week leading up to the trip was a bit challenging for me and by the time we left on Friday I was exhausted, so I wasn’t going to mess around–as soon as we buckled the kids in, we handed them dvd players with noise canceling headphones–I have no regrets. I packed a backpack with other activities for each of the boys so they won’t only be watching movies while we travel!

We only stopped 3 times on our way to Asheville. When we arrived at the hotel, everyone settled in and went to sleep pretty easily! This was a huge success for us because the Box family and hotels are often not a good combo. On many occasions, we’ve showed up at a hotel late at night with 4 sleeping kids, only to take them inside and all of the sudden they’re wide awake and making enough noise that the neighboring rooms probably thought we are throwing a frat party! Luckily that was not the case this time.

When we woke up on Saturday morning we grabbed breakfast and headed to the North Carolina Arboretum. It is just south of Asheville and has acres of gardens and trails. We have been wanting to try geocaching and they have a great beginner program set up. They gave us a GPS unit to use and a map to guide us to the general area of each cache. The boys were able to find one of them pretty quickly and the other they had to really look for. They really enjoyed it and we plan to try it again this summer.

While we were there, it just also happened to be “box turtle day.” There were booths set up with crafts and demonstrations about turtles. We had planned to only stay a few hours but ended up being there for much longer. By the time we left, the kids were tired and ready to travel again.

We stopped for lunch and fresh peaches in a small town called Saluda, NC and then continued on for 5 hours to Kiawah Island, SC. For most of our summer route, I have only planned a max of 3-4 hours of driving per day, and this 5 hour drive just reminded us that 3-4 is more than enough! We have one child who after waking from a nap, screams unconsolably for 30 minutes and unfortunately that happened about 30 mins outside of Kiawah. 😑 We were very ready to arrive!

We’ve been in Kiawah Island for two days now and the weather has been perfect! It’s rare that our fair skinned family can spend 6 hours on the beach, but that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. My oldest son, Gideon, loves animals and nature. I don’t think he could ever tire of looking for shells and trying to catch little fish in the ocean. He spent a couple of hours this afternoon trying to trap a lizard that was crawling around outside the house. I love having my kids in nature!

Rowan, Ezra and Elliott  have really enjoyed playing in the sand and riding their bikes and scooters. The home we are renting is in a court and the boys rode bikes and scooters up and down the road for several hours this afternoon.

We just recently installed a bike rack on our car, so this is our first trip taking the bikes with us. We were a little unsure if it would be worth the hassle of unloading them at each stop, but I am already very glad we have them!
Since Daniel works during the week, it’s important that I am able to keep the kids outside or quietly occupied inside until he finishes. The bikes have given us just one more free thing to do!

We are at Kiawah until Saturday morning, when we will head to Raleigh for a one day stop over before heading to visit some friends in Norfolk, VA.

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