Philadelphia and New York City

On our way from Washington DC to New York City, we decided to stop in Philadelphia for the day. This ended up being one of my favorite stops so far! Daniel was able to meet a friend he has been working with online and work for the day while the boys and I spent the day at the Franklin Institute and playing in the fountain.

I had planned on spending half of the day visiting the historic sites in the city, but we enjoyed the Franklin Institute so much that we were there nearly open to close. We were able to get in free with our science museum pass, but the museum is worth buying a ticket for! The entire place is hands-on, clean and everything works. That is more than I can say for most of the other museums we have visited. There are exhibits about space, flight, illusions, the heart, the brain, sports and much more! We took our time visiting each and every spot and it took all day. They also have some things that would be great for older kids like the planetarium, a mirror maze, escape rooms and IMAX movies.

After the museum closed we still had about an hour before Daniel would be done working, so we decided to check out the fountain. I had intended to just let the kids dip their feet in but it was just too fun not to let them swim in it. So they swam in their clothes and made friends with some kids from the neighborhood. It was a great day!


When Daniel was finished working, we finished our drive to Brooklyn. I had only ever been to Manhattan so this was a different experience for us. We stayed in a basement apartment that just happened to have a park next door. The kids just played at the apartment all day and I tried to relax a bit after visiting so many museums for so many days in a row. Some neighborhood kids had brought water balloons to the playground and that kept the boys busy for hours. That night we were able to meet up with one of Daniel’s old co-worker friends and his family. We had a great time eating NY pizza and the boys got to play with their son.

The next morning, my mom flew into Laguardia airport. We picked her up and then headed into Manhattan for the day. My mom had never been to NYC so we chose to do a bus tour so we could see as much as possible in the one day we had to visit. Unfortunately we chose the wrong bus service and ended up waiting for ever to get on while the employees argued amongst each other. When we finally got on the bus, it started raining just a short time later. We were able to take the kids to see the 9/11 memorial and battery park to see the statue of liberty. Other than seeing those two things, I could have totally skipped NYC. It is much more enjoyable without the kids in tow!

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